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Springfield Events will deliver all your events needs from A – to – Z services, if it is corporate or conference events, grand openings, or product launches, you can trust our professional event planners to make your special event outstanding and successful.

Corporate Event

Springfield Events is a prime provider of planning and management services for corporate events in Africa. We have a rich experience of working with corporations and companies from a wide range of industries Whether it’s a seminar aimed at further professional development, a gathering to celebrate important mile-stones or a team-building event to foster stronger bonds between colleagues, a mentoring or training activities for young people, we are here to make you achieve your goal.

Springfield Events takes care of every aspect of event planning, event production and event management. We supply all the needed parts, allowing you to focus on the content of your seminar, summit, expo, conference, product launch or team building event.

Our team of expert designers, technicians and production managers take care of lighting, audio, visual presentations, both streaming and stationary. We know that your ability to communicate messages and information smoothly and effectively is the heart of your event. At the same time, we take care of catering, transportation, decorations, special effects, and entertainment. The comfort of your guests is crucial to assure full participation.


We are a one-stop-shop center that will arrange your transport, book hotels, arrange venues for the conference event, and equip the venues with all the equipment that is needed and all the decorations which will make it bright and eye-pleasing.

We will put a great choice of food on the table of your guests and arrange the stage for entertainments that will serve as a refreshing pause for your conference. From space rental, furniture, office equipment, LED screens and AV audio to confetti shooters, smog machines, a violin player and an acrobat show, work and fun, business and pleasure, we turn these two opposites into one great experience.
Springfield  events will also arrange for your conference interpretation, live streaming, visual displays and any other means of content processing and delivery.

We provide the following services:

  • Customization and planning of event
  • Venue search, liaison and booking
  • Set-up coordination
  • Logistical support for Conferences
  • Speakers, presenters and emcees management
  • VIP reception and security
  • Creative consulting & conceptualization


Summits & Awards

We organize Summits, Awards & Expos in line with our Studentpreneur Network Initiative, we also have collaborative events with other organizations periodically.it is a multifaceted educational forum and expo dedicated to addressing diverse issues involved with youth empowerment Mentorship, development, and Volunteerism in accordance with the sustainable development Goals and the promotion of Technical and vocational Training especially for women.

Team Building

The business world is re-experiencing play. Play works wonders to foster creativity and allows people to open up and strengthen bonds with colleagues at all levels. Play creates a positive, can-do-let’s-do-together spirit and ultimately leads to heightened performance. In short, play is a serious business.

Springfield Events offer a great variety of fun activities, complete with the equipment, or should we call it toys and special locations which will encourage your team unwind and plunge in.

By taking people out of their daily routines into exciting new surroundings full of new fun challenges we wet their creative juices and unleash their powers of imagination, the essence of thinking outside

There are no pyramids in games, but there are roles. Engaging in such activities conveys the important message that it’s all about the results, and that all roles in a company are essential to success. Everybody benefits when roles are executed with a spirit of cooperation.

Launches & Press Events

Products have life-cycles and dates of birth. Almost every part of your company is involved in bringing new products into the market, from design, product development, testing, marketing and sales, sourcing and production.

These birthdays are top priority events. In today’s world of fast technological change and fast changing fashions with shorter and shorter time cycles there is no time to lose. New products need a tinkle to precede them and publicity and awareness to accompany and trail them. Springfield Events will support you at every stage with the goal of giving your marketing and public relation specialists a launch that shines. We will create an event that will unleash the hype, create waves of recognition and interest and generate sales momentum

Whether you’re introducing a new product or service in a trade, press or consumer event, or entering a new market, Springfield Events maps out every step that needs to occur to make sure the event achieves the end results you are seeking.

Our specialties:

  • Exclusive production launches
  • Press events
  • VIP hospitality services
  • And more …

Destination & Motivational Tours

We create and manage high quality destination programs for incentive trips, conferences and other groups coming to Africa with support from our networks in the diaspora.

Incentive tours and executive retreats motivate employees, investors or business partners. Increase your performance and company recognition, improve business relationships or gain loyalty of your customers – all with customized motivational tours prepared by Springfield Events.

Africa is a tourism heaven, bringing together fantastic destinations of all colors and shapes. Looking for pristine beaches and exotic islands serviced by accommodations that never miss to offer comfort, offering the ultimate in relaxation? Africa has plenty of those. Springfield Events’ experienced specialists will organize the trip that best suits your event.

Our programs mix and match these opportunities and are tailored to your preferences.
You can choose between a one or a two days tour, starting from small groups of 40 people and going up to 200 people.

Gala & Charity Dinner

Gala dinner evenings are a perfect finale’ to a conference or a corporate event. Gala dinners are also a great way to reward your team or get close to your customers. Springfield Events understands that elegance and class turn gala dinner events into a projection of the image of your organization to clients, partners and even its own people. We will conjure for you a magical evening so that it will linger for long in the memory of your guests. Break with the ordinary and leave your worries with us. No event is too small or too big. Be it an event for 20 pax or for 2000 pax, we ensure the same quality throughout.

From conceptualization of your event to completion, which include managing multilingual hostesses, artistes, emcees, logistics, technical support and more, Springfield Events will create an unique, motivating, entertaining and unforgettable experience for your company.

  • Gala dinners
  • Charity Theme parties
  • Fundraisers
  • Team outings
  • Corporate celebrations

Off-site Meetings

An off-site meeting or retreat offers a tremendous opportunity to create events that inspires the emotional and professional connections that bond people together.

Having the know-how of finding the most effective venue to deliver your message and boosting the morale and cohesiveness of the group through activities, are definitely some of our precious assets which we can deliver to ensure a very successful and rewarding off-site event.

  • Kick off meetings
  • Partner conferences
  • Corporate trainings

Educational Events

How does one make education and learning a fun practice?

The answer is through events, summits, and conferences. While these events may seem like a break from the monotonous study patterns in colleges, there are a number of key takeaways that students can get from such events and that is precisely what Springfield Events creates through its flagship initiative The Studentprenuer Network. We also collaborate with educational institutions to organize events that center on SDG, Entrepreneurship, innovation & Technology and TVET.

Flagship Events

Mentorship and Volunteerism Excellence Summit & Awards

Africa’s Future presents a unique platform for all stakeholders in Mentorship & Volunteerism to provide an overview of leading programs, projects, policy, research and technology capable of securing sustainable development on the continent.

This platform seeks to build bridges among service leaders from government, the private sector, developmental partners and NGOs, and to foster an information exchange on increasing the role of citizens within member states in problem solving towards sustainable development.

This summit aims to serve as a platform to facilitate knowledge sharing, and transfer and help stakeholders leverage on both local and international expertise in the attainment of sustainable development.


  • The African youth take responsibility for the development agenda of the continent.
  • The African youth become more responsible and accountable to their peers and authority
  • That the youth are empowered in all knowledge and skills necessary to help the developmental agenda of the continent
  • To ensure that policy on mentorship is applied by all stakeholders
  • It’s our mandate to work together with stakeholders to ensure that mentorship and volunteerism is applied by decision- makers and practitioners
  • It’s our mandate to use this platform as a launchpad to honor the value proposition of Mentoring and Volunteerism towards achieving sustainable development on the continent.
  • To co-create value added innovative solutions with all stakeholders in development
  • To advocate the integration of mentorship and volunteerism into nation’s developmental agenda