Africa’s Future presents a unique platform for all stakeholders in Mentorship & Volunteerism to provide an overview of leading programs, projects, policy, research and technology capable of securing sustainable development on the continent.

This platform seeks to build bridges among service leaders from government, the private sector, developmental partners and NGOs, and to foster an information exchange on increasing the role of citizens within member states in problem solving towards sustainable development.

This summit aims to serve as a platform to facilitate knowledge sharing, and transfer and help stakeholders leverage on both local and international expertise in the attainment of sustainable development.


  • The African youth take responsibility for the development agenda of the continent.
  • The African youth become more responsible and accountable to their peers and authority
  • That the youth are empowered in all knowledge and skills necessary to help the developmental agenda of the continent
  • To ensure that policy on mentorship is applied by all stakeholders
  • It’s our mandate to work together with stakeholders to ensure that mentorship and volunteerism is applied by decision- makers and practitioners
  • It’s our mandate to use this platform as a launchpad to honor the value proposition of Mentoring and Volunteerism towards achieving sustainable development on the continent.
  • To co-create value added innovative solutions with all stakeholders in development
  • To advocate the integration of mentorship and volunteerism into nation’s developmental agenda